Memorable Moments in the FIFA World Cup 2022

With events as big as the Olympics and FIFA, it is impossible not to see any news or updates about the games and the fan moments. Additionally, following every big event are the memorable moments that are remembered for years to come. Whether these moments are sad or happy, they just stick with you. The same is the case for the FIFA World Cup 2022. This WC had its fair share of memorable moments and this is what we will be looking at now.

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For now, let’s go back to the memorable moments in this World Cup!

Underdogs take the front stage!

This World Cup was packed with unexpected matches and their results. On one side we had the popular teams with their star players like Argentina and Messi, Portugal and Ronaldo, Brazil and Neymar, etc. On the other side, we had other teams from Croatia, England, Korea, Japan, etc. While all players in all these teams are hardworking, the former category is generally more popular with the fans due to their multiple wins and performances in the previous games.

This time, however, the stage belonged to the latter category of the teams, the underdogs! Each and every match set some record or the other and produced unexpected results every time. Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in a legendary match, Japan beat Germany in a record-breaking match, and South Korea beat Portugal in an intense at-the-edge-of-your-seats match! 

An all-around family-friendly WC

Multiple people had brought up this point about the 2022 World Cup and it was that this time around, the FIFA World Cup had the most family-friendly atmosphere, which is rare to find elsewhere. While fans were initially shocked and outraged at the fact that they couldn’t buy or drink alcohol during the matches, it helped to create a family-friendly atmosphere without any alcohol-fueled rage or fights. 

Overall, the environment at the stadium was a lively one and this was also the case on the streets of Doha.

There were dedicated areas for drinking for people that wanted to enjoy a beer or an alcoholic beverage anytime. Additionally, there were also particular areas like the Doha city center where alcohol was not permitted, which naturally added to the family-friendly atmosphere. Locals and security personnel in Qatar were extremely friendly to the tourists and fans making the environment more hospitable and memorable for everyone. 

Japanese fans tidy up the stadium as they leave

Almost the entire world knows about the kindness and generosity of Japan and its people. Well, this time, it was taken to a whole other level when the Japanese fans were spotted cleaning the stadium after the matches. It is not a surprise that the stadium is filled with rubbish and the cleaning staff spends hours cleaning it all up after every match. So, undoubtedly, this gesture by the Japanese fans was very well-received by the media.

The best part about all of this was that it didn’t matter whether the Japanese team won or lost to their opponents in the several matches they played, the fans cleaned up after themselves without fail. Additionally, Japan and its citizens reminded everyone, once again, of their generosity and consideration when pictures surfaced of the Japanese football team’s dressing room that was completely spotless when they packed up to go home. 

Support for Human Rights

While there are many moments when people think that human rights have been forgotten, it is during events like these that we are all pleasantly surprised. The stadium was filled up with passionate and eager fans from all around the world holding or wearing their country’s flags. However, among those flags, we could see that people were raising their voices for human rights as well. 

For example, from Arab fans to South American fans, tens of thousands of fans showed their support for Palestine. And the support for Palestine did not just stop at the fans’ level, it was touching to see that the Moroccan football team raised the Palestinian flag after its legendary victory in the Quarter-finals against Portugal. While there was no Palestinian team playing in the World Cup, it is clear that they were very much included!

Bringing it all together

Multiple moments from this World Cup will definitely go down in history! Furthermore, many people are already speculating that no other World Cup will be able to beat the greatness and hospitality of this World Cup but only time will tell. What do you think? Do you think we will see another World Cup of the same level soon?

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