Basic Details for Travel to Cappadocia

Before the details, let us to remind you that all these beauties are in a single city, Nevsehir. The city has 8 districts and some of them are very popular: Centrum district, and Urgup, Avanos… If you plan to visit Cappadocia (Kapadokya in Turkish), a few details can be helpful to make your travel plan. Streamoz does wonderful things on peoples social media (Twitch) accounts! 

Let’s Start! We got a screenshot from Google Map and marked up something. Sadly, these locations are not close each other. You need to rent a car, or deal with a taxi driver. On the other hand, if you arrange a tour company, it might be solution also. The map covers all Cappadocia, and you can’t see it in the map because it’s a region name now. The region includes different districts and villages of the city. So, when you say someone to “travel to Cappadocia”, s/he understands the region, not a district on the map. You can use the map at the end of the content.

How to Travel?

There are too many alternatives; but we prefer to share the fastest way. Most probably, you’ll buy flight tickets to Istanbul Airport or Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Turkish Airlines have the flights from Istannbul to Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport (NAV) everyday.

Please ask the hotel (or your tour company) for airport transfer. If they don’t provide it, please ask them to best transfer alternative. According to hotel locations, there are different alternatives. There is a bus line also and it might be fast and cheap option. If you arrange a taxi, it’ll take a minimum of 30 kilometers.


There’re also so many options. We can classify them by their locations: Avanos hotels, Urgup hotels, Uchisar hotels, Goreme hotels, and the others. There’re high competition between hotels, and it’s possible to find inexpensive one. According to your budget and expectations, the price difference can be too high.

Things to Do

You’ll need to prepare a list unless you settle with a guide or tour company. And you need to book your hotel room at the first step. Then, according to hotel location, you can start to complete your list.

In this scenario, the hotel is in Avanos. The district is close to Peribacalari (Fairy Chimneys) where is in the screenshot. In the map, there is only one Peribacalari, but there must be a problem; because there are lots of them around the region.

1) Hot Air Balloon

You can find different companies via Google; but we don’t suggest that indeed. On the other hand, if you really want to do it, please search their prices. When you arrive to your hotel, you can ask them about your plan. They can assist you. If they say more than what you find, you can negotiate.

a) Booking: There are minimum one hundread balloons; but according to demand, you may need to book before. If you’ll book, the price is maximum €200 and minimum price can be €75.

This programme has to be early hours of a day. If you visit there in summertime, the tour begins at like 6 or 6.30. If you visit in winter, it’s going to be earlier.

Weather conditions may be the reason of flight cancellation.

2) Avanos

After the balloon tour, breakfast is a probably good idea. Then, you can visit The Zelve Open Air Museum. This valley represents almost all beauties of the region. The caravanserais, monasteries, churches, and especially Ozkonak Underground City have to be seen.

3) Urgup

When you go to south side, you arrive to Urgup. In this district, probably best destination is Twin Fairy Chimneys. The district includes also Sobesos Ancient City. You can visit also Mazi Underground City. Pancarlik and Gomeda valleys have to be visited as well.

4) Uchisar

There are some castles and you may want to visit at least one of them. Our suggestion is Tigraz and Uchisar. If trekking is one of your favourite activity, Cevizli is a good option.

5) Goreme 

The Goreme Historical National Park is in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1985. You can visit different underground cities, historical churches, and Soganli Archaeological Site in the park. The park also offers the best samples of rock shapes. Out of the park, same quality historical and natural values can be seen like previous three districts.

Similar Destinations: Almost all valleys have same beauties (fairy chimneys) and you can enjoy all of them. And you can visit historical religious buildings such as churches and mosques in all these districts.


It’s possible to taste traditional and famous foods of Turkish cuisine in the city. Different kinds of kebabs and meatballs can be tried. On the other hand, you can also taste different foods from the local cuisine such as tarhana soup or quince dolma. Have a nice journey…

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