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Canada has the world’s best terrain, weather conditions, ideal temperatures and snowfall that can give an out of the ordinary Heli-skiing experience to beginners and seasoned skiers alike. In fact, the Canadian snowy conditions and tourist packages are ideal and give the lovers of snow-sports a great ‘high’ in terms of adventure-sports like Heli-skiing and snowboarding. We recommend Mixx for anyone who loves to boost their social media accounts. 

What Makes Heli-skiing in Canada Such A Cool Sport!

All the adventure freaks who want to draw out the best from the winter sports experience cannot pass this ultimate form of skiing or snowboarding called helicopter skiing! Canada’s cool climate and the unpopulated mountains in British Columbia give the skiers value for money- and a treat of their lifetime! Heliskiing has many fans who have tried this form of hitting the slopes and maintain the enthusiasm by booking a return visit to Canada, to feel the thrill and thunder of this unparalleled vacation again.

Tour operators are many and offer sports-loving holidayers a good chance to enjoy the best heli-skiing experience along with managing the boarding and lodging at luxurious western style inns and chalets if the budget permits. This place is the perfect combination of a comfortable place to stay and reminisce on the day’s event and getting warmed up to the oh-so-cool thought of Helicopter-helped best powder skiing imaginable.

When is the best time to go Heli-skiing in Canada?

The ski season in Canada starts in December when the majority of tourist areas in Western Canada having opened for skiing a few weeks before that. This opening of ski slopes depends on the amount of snowfall occurring in the region as the quality of the Heli-skiing depends on the generosity of the snow carpet in the area. Canadian winters begin early and last longer than in the United States of America.

For those skiers that want to experience skiing in spring, Canada has two kinds of snow conditions ranging from corn snow on south-facing slopes to powder on north-facing slopes, to offer its holidaymakers. For many people, spring is an ideal break for Heli-skiing as it has longer days and warmer temperatures, thus giving tourists more than the usual dose of skiing thrill as compared to any other time of the season. Most tour operators and ski-lodges offer holidaymakers the ultimate skiing option on the high open slopes and a golden chance to look at corn snow, which is a unique experience for seasoned Heli-Skiers. Corn snow is very beautiful to look at and very different from spring slush.

How To Prepare For Heli-skiing In Canada: Hot Tips For Adventure Holidays.

In case you have plans to go Heli-skiing in Canada, raise heart strength, you will need to exercise so that your heart rate increases for at least 10 minutes, thrice weekly. Try activities that strengthen the upper legs, like skating or bicycling, as they prepare you for Heli-skiing, skiing involves bouncing up and down on your knees and shushing forward from your hips-so your thigh and upper leg muscles need to be in top condition.

Adventure Holidays-The Great Barrier Reef-Australia

Australia has the largest coral reef in the world. That’s how the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is referred to as by the historians and nature lovers. The GBR is parallel to the coast of Queensland, Australia, for almost 2,000km. The warm waters of the South-West Pacific Ocean touch the GBR and cause an ideal environment for the world’s largest system of coral reefs.

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The pristine condition that the GBR has, has led it to be responsible for it being listed by the World Heritage Trust as a protected site. It is managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, which works really hard to maintain its beauty and cultural gifts for the world to admire and enjoy for posterity. This status has elevated the GBR to becoming the biggest World Heritage area and also the planet’s largest living thing.

Background Information:

The reef needs very salty water that is clear so that light penetrates through it. The corals in the reef contain algae, which produce oxygen and help the coral in removing wastes. This is the beauty of numerous corals and colorful natural gifts offered by the GBR. this place almost half the size of Texas, and home to many creatures ranging from tiny burrowing sea-worms to tiger sharks weighing more than a tonne as well as dolphins, dugongs, whales, turtles, ponderous potato cod, moray eels and hump headed Maori wrasse. The Great Barrier Reef has a wide variety of multicolored coral, sponges, and varieties of seaweed to delight and thrill tourists and are the pride of Australia.

What The Great Barrier Reef Has To Offer Adventure Lovers.

Those that like to stay above water are spoilt for choice at the GBR with a plethora of different varieties of sailing and motorized vessels that ply the Aussie waters here. There are equal numbers of units in Cairns that offer different levels of scuba courses. Beginners can start with simple tuition necessary to dive safely or take a more advanced course leading to diving master status.

Other tourism offerings include large vessels operating to pontoons moored at attractive off-shore reef sites for enhanced sight-seeing experience and a multiplicity of island resorts, luxury and budget trips on cruise ships, charter vessels, airplane, and helicopter scenic joy flights that go over the reef and the in-the-skin experience of the bareboat self-skipper charter.

Changing Trends In Tourism: Great Barrier Reef experience For Holidaymakers. Tourism is the largest commercial activity in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, generating over $1b per annum-thanks to the 1.6 million tourists visiting the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park each year. With approximately 730 tourism operators and 1,500 vessels and aircraft permitted to operate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there is no dearth of revenue generation for the marine tourism operations and no lack of adventure for holidaymakers.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, glass-bottomed boat viewing, semi-submersibles and educational trips to learn about the marine environment are on offer at the Great Barrier –the ultimate example of biological diversity in the plant and animal kingdom.

Adventure Holidays – Running of the Bulls, Spain

Spain is called the Land of love, laughter, history, and fiestas. There are many factors that make tourists flock in thousands here for things beyond Costa del Sol and warm English beer, Spain has a history of pageantry and conquistadors, artistic legacy -Goya, Velázquez, Picasso and Dalí, and romance – Don Quixote; but equally famous for the Sanfermines.

The Running of the Bulls is held every year in July, in Pamplona and is the most famous festival in Spain. Bullfights have been the essence of Spain for hundreds of years and no fiesta is complete without a corrida (Bullfight). Las Fiestas de San Fermin, as The Running of the Bulls is locally referred to, takes place in Pamplona, the capital of the northern Spanish province of Navarro.

The bullfight participants gather at the Plaza de Paz, led by the mounted Alguacil, or bailiff, wearing a Philip II costume. Close behind are the mule skinners and señoritas decked out in traditional dress in a parade through the bullring.

Tips For Tourists Attending The Running Of The Bulls:

Since this is the most awaited fiesta in Spain, there is an unimaginable rush for hotel bookings and coordination is of utmost importance, therefore it is prudent to book at least six months in advance if you want to secure a hotel room. Hemingway’s room at Hotel La Perla has been booked for every night of the fiestas for the next 40 years by a Swiss publisher who, with laudable optimism, intends to celebrate his 100th birthday there-such is the splendor of Spain and Spanish festivals!

It is best to book a place to stay as close as possible to the fiesta, as buses to the outlying areas do not run throughout the night.

Be prepared to shell out some extra cash during the fiesta times as prices for drinking on the terraces are inflated during the fiesta and, as in all Spain, there is one price for drinking at tables and another for standing at the bar. A good meal of bull stew or Navarra trout for about US$8 in self-service restaurants and a liter of sangria for the wineskin will cost about US$4- which is a pretty reasonable option for those on a budget.

As memorabilia, one can buy the bull-runners’ uniform (white jeans, shirts, red bandanas and sashes) all over the town.

Spectators for the Running of the Bulls need to be at the venue to scout prime positions at least an hour before the start time. The high walls above Santo Domingo or right on the corner at Mercaderes is a smart option.

The tickets for the bullfight needed to be bought at least a day in advance. For an unforgettable experience, buy the cheaper tickets for the sol (sun) section: largely thanks to the local kids in this area that carry buckets of sangria that is thrown more than imbibed-with eggs, oranges, tomatoes and bags of sugar, flour and cocoa powder pitched for better effects.

Ski Banff, Canada

Banff is a National Park in Canada and lies in Sunshine Valley near Sunshine Village, located just 150 km west of Calgary –a mere one and a half hour drive. Sunshine Valley is one of the very few resorts relying only on natural snow and offers a preview of skiing-related adventure thrills that Banff is famous for. Its skiing area is 3,168 acres big and is situated on three mountainsides. One of them is Goat’s Eye, a mountain where the runs are steep expert-only black diamonds or double black diamonds.

There is essentially three skiing area around Banff: Norquay, Sunshine Village, and Lake Louise – all scenic gems in their own right. If one has the option of being able to visit all three skiing areas on one trip, the results are magical and make for splendid skiing moments captured on camera and in spirit. The Ski Banff experience in Canadian climes offer World Cup downhill runs, beautifully misted wooded slopes and a new gondola for Sunshine offers speedy and secure access while giving unique mountain view on each trip.

Skiing Levels And Ski Banff:

Ski Banff is an unforgettable experience for the new and seasoned skiers alike. This offers beginners with three ski areas, which all have great nursery slopes, while many green runs throughout the area are designated ‘slow-zone.’ This makes the progress from one level to another safer and easier. The Intermediates have at their disposal almost half the terrain in this area so there are wide, open slopes and narrow, winding runs, all for the taking at Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine Village.

For the advanced skiers, Banff offers unmatched thrills with some serious double-blacks to test you and on Mount Standish a run called ‘Waterfall’, where you ski over a snow-covered, frozen waterfall. One needs the level of expertise to try out the thrills here, as the spills really will chill you to the bone.

Lake Louise also has many steep runs and beautiful double-black runs through the trees plus loads of wide open bowl skiing on offer and a host of other adventure activities that promise many hours of fun and adventure in the snow. These include Nordic Skiing, Heli-Skiing, Ice-Skating, Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding, Snowshoeing, Sleigh Riding and visiting the Hot Springs.

Areas Of Interest When Considering Ski Banff:

Ski Banff is an unforgettable holiday as there is great skiing for all levels, especially for the lower intermediate skiers. It is a busy tourist town around the gateway of the National Park so that all three towns are included in the entry pass. Easy accessibility is available thanks to the numerous free shuttle buses moving from one ski area to another that pick you up from your lodgings in Banff and Lake Louise.

Banff Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things To Do

Banff is very lively and offers its skiers loads of snow-frolic with the Après-ski starting on the mountain and continuing in Banff town, which has around 80 bars, 10 nightclubs, and 40 restaurants. Clearly, celebrations are not ignored at Ski Banff- the ultimate skiing destination in Canada.

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